Curse (2009)

Other days are made for smacking mummies with a telekinetic mace. A very polished Half-Life 2 mod. Intended to be part one of a discontinued series, but stands  well on its own.

(Gabor Dosa et al. 2009) // (Mod Download) // (Requires Half-Life 2)


Give Up Robot 2 (2010)

Icarus Proudbottom in: The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain (2010)

Can you make a quality game by starting with a dense core of stupidity, then layering on more stupidity by the minute? Apparently yes, if the music is great, the production is solid, the gameplay is tight, and the ridiculousness keeps coming.

(1-2-3 Blast On 2010) // (Windows Download)

Norrland (2010)

K.O.L.M. (2010)

Beacon (2009)

Feed the Head (2007)

Marathon (1994)

Bungie’s fusion of narrative and FPS, now available as a free open-source download and optimized for modern resolutions and operating systems. A classic but often overlooked FPS (was originally available only for Mac).

(Bungie /Aleph One 1994 / 2011) // (Windows Download) (Mac Download) (Linux Download parts One and Two) // (Installation Instructions)

Leave Me Alone (2010)

The Black Forest (2009)