Outcast (1999)

A classic action-adventure with an emphasis on exploring a huge voxel-rendered world. Here’s a nice retrospective at RPS.

(Appeal 1999) // (Purchase at GOG.com)


Ceramic Shooter: Electronic Poem (2010)

A short but sweet unconventional shoot ’em up. Pay attention to the text (if you can).

(Theta Games 2010) // (Windows Download)

Back to Bed (2011)

Glum Buster (2009)

Fallen London (2009)

“A beautifully moody and lusciously written faux-Victorian game set in a London that has been, for nefarious reasons, sold to Hell” (The Guardian). A text-based browser adventure in which you have a limited number of actions that refresh over time, making for a long-form experience.

(Failbetter Games 2009) // (Play Online)

Noitu Love 2 (2008)

Little Wheel (2009)

Trilby: The Art of Theft (2007)

Flywrench (2007)

Antimatiere (2011)